World Ballet Company: Swan Lake at Chester Fritz Auditorium

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Chester Fritz Auditorium | Grand Forks, North Dakota

World Ballet Company

Experience the grace and brilliance of classical ballet as the World Ballet Company brings Tchaikovsky's timeless masterpiece 'Swan Lake' to the Chester Fritz Auditorium on Wednesday, 30th October 2024. This is your chance to surround in a show-stopping performance, complete with stunning choreography and the emotionally powerful music that has gripped audiences for decades.

The World Ballet Company, famous for their impeccable technique and captivating artistry, promises an extraordinary evening in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Be whisked away by the touching story of love and betrayal, marvel at the athletic precision of the dancers and let the iconic tunes like the 'Dance of the Little Swans' stir your soul.

Do not miss the opportunity to witness a production where elegance meets passion and each pirouette and pas de deux tells a tale as heart-wrenching as it is beautiful. With tickets starting at $58, secure your seat for a cultural rendezvous with the unexpected. Allow yourself the pleasure of the World Ballet Company's 'Swan Lake' - an event that speaks to the hearts of ballet lovers and newcomers alike.

The timeless narrative of 'Swan Lake' unfolds amidst a spectacle of visual and live musical delights. guests at Chester Fritz Auditorium will be surrounded by in an atmosphere that captures the delicate balance between elegance and drama that only the World Ballet Company can embody. Imagine a stage where the gracefulness of ballerinas is brought to life against a symphony of emotive music, each movement narrating a story of love, betrayal and the pursuit of freedom.

About World Ballet Company: Swan Lake

The World Ballet Company's rendition of 'Swan Lake' has gained acclaim, enchanting audiences with its emotive power and the precision of its dancers. Sasha Gorskaya and Gulya Hartwick, leaders at the helm of this prestigious troupe, infuse each performance with decades of expertise, ensuring a spectacle that reverberates with both ballet connoisseurs and those new to the art form. Their innovative approach to this classic has caught the eyes of critics, securing its place as a must-see event in the cultural calendar.

Chester Fritz Auditorium Information

As an emblem of Grand Forks' artistic legacy, the Chester Fritz Auditorium has an well known history of hosting unmatched productions. With a seating capacity of 2,400 across three levels, this venue ensures a splendid view and acoustics from every angle. Recent renovations further heighten the experience, inviting patrons to revel in the visual appeal and comfort enhancements.

Ticket Information

Experience the magic of 'Swan Lake' on Wednesday, 30th October 2024, at the Chester Fritz Auditorium in Grand Forks, North Dakota, with ticket prices starting at a reasonable $58. Secure your opportunity to be part of this ballet phenomenon through Ticket Squeeze.

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